A Fashion Director, CEO and All Around Entrepreneur: Iconic Guru by D. Stepahine Waldron


A fashion director, CEO and all around entrepreneur, Redeemer Resk’Que.

“What’s your concept?”  A question, Redeemer Resk’Que concludes after everything he says. Who is he you may ask? Someone who shows never to be one-dimensional and always reach higher.

Redeemer Resk’Que became very popular in college because he always made himself involved with his peers and the campus. He became the editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper and the student body president. And that was just the beginning for the infamous guru.

Sitting on the board of directors for a number of non-profit organizations like “Fashion With Heart” that helps support children all around the world suffering from starvation, birth defects and disabilities, Resk’Que exemplifies what it mean to be selfless.

And he doesn’t just use social media as a communication platform. No, he uses it to share his wisdom engraved in his philosophies. A marketing genius for the fastest uprising branding moguls in the PR industry, he is the CEO of iConcept Media Group, a company that embodies who he is.

Sharing his creative visions in the industries of business, music, and fashion with his unique style and personality, Resk’Que left his trademark brand to be one to remember.

So the next time you hear the name Redeemer Resk’Que think of music producer, philosopher, fashion director/producer/publisher and editor. But most importantly think of what your concept is by evaluating what sets you apart from anyone else; what makes you, you. And when you do you will find your individual answer, and you may just be a better person for it.


Choosing the right bikini for your body

University 101

All women are familiar with the phrase “Bikini Season”.

It’s the season when the Zumba classes get overpacked, when the treadmills are always unavailable, and when almost every woman, who is not a Victoria Secret model, is exercising and dieting to fit in that little bikini and to wear it well.

But instead of altering your body to fit that bikini, choose the right bikini that’ll compliment your figure in every way possible.

Body shape and stature

Big Breast, small waist

If your top half is bigger than your bottom, keep the attention away from your chest.

You can pull this off with a subtle print and shirred waist, or with a full underwire bikini top that fits like a bra so you won’t have to worry about clothing malfunctions.

You can even buy a swim-dress with a straight-cut skirt that balances out the bust and thighs.

Wider hips, smaller…

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Basics of hygiene in the residence

University 101

The thing about college is people don’t know who they are going to come in contact with. The athletes, reeking of sweat after a hard day of practice sits next to them in class.

Their sick roommate is sneezing into the air that they’re inhaling. The weekend is here with clogged toilets and empty alcohol bottles, food cartons, and dirty tissues gushing from the trash rooms.

The possibility of getting sick has tripled for anyone who has stepped onto the college campus.

Beside the basic hygiene knowledge of washing your hands after using the restroom, there are other hygiene tips that you should be aware of.

It can decrease your chances of getting sick and help to maintain a better health.

The more there is, the harder it is to keep clean.

Less clutter is easier to maintain. Having fewer items in a dorm room can help you keep your…

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Portion control

University 101

Maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your toned physique might be challenging if you are not aware of your portion size when eating. Knowing and understanding portion control can be the key to sustaining your dieting and exercise success.

What is portion control?

Portion control is knowing how many calories and fats are in a serving size of food, and how to ingest a healthy balance of foods.

Why is it important?

It is important when you’re trying to lose and maintain weight because it helps you from overeating. Overeating can cause a lot of digestion problems or absorption problems and ultimately, obesity.

How does it work?

Your weight is a direct function of the number of calories you eat. When you decrease the amount of food you eat, it makes it easier to burn off calories though less activity.

By adjusting your ingest and digest levels, you will be…

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