Centenary College BRAG presented CFO of Michael Kors by Waldron, Dominique


Special guest speaker, Mr. Joseph B. Parsons, the current chief financial officer for Michael Kors came to Centenary College on the behalf of BRAG.
BRAG is a black retail action group, that was founded in 1970 to help minorities get experience to find jobs in retail and retail related industries.
Michael Kors Inc. is much respected in the fashion industry and grossed well over 1 billion dollars in revenue in 2012 alone. The students were allowed to hear from Parsons what it is like to work for a billion dollar company.
Parsons discussed fashion companies having a short lifespan, and some of his career changes. He mentioned that smaller companies have more opportunities for growth. He touched bases on all aspect of the financial side of working for small companies to billion dollar companies. To people who wanted to start their own business Parsons gave them competitive advice.
“Keep your vision of your own DNA,” Parson said.
He also told them how to stand out to employers, saying to have experience, have expanding potential, and to be themselves. Parsons seem to have enjoyed the question session of the event because he was eager to answer all questions in such a short amount of time.
“I thought we had a great turn out,” Michael Hobbs, Community Service and Secretary of BRAG said, “ he answered a lot of questions, and hope he continues the relationship with BRAG.”
The event turnout was excellent and some students mentioned how they could benefit from hearing from Joseph B. Parsons.


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