When the gym isn’t an option, where do you go?

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When you don’t feel comfortable enough to work out around others, where do you work-out? Your room. You don’t need a big space to make big moves and to get big results. You just need to know what exercises to do.

“I do P90X ab ripper DVD. I just watch the videos online and do them next to my bed,” one college senior said.
Other exercises you can do in a smaller atmosphere are push-ups and squats. Strength exercises with resistant bands are great workouts as well.
College student, Brandon Haygood explained one of his exercises he does with resistant bands, “I ordered a pair of resistant bands and do overhead presses where I stand over the center of the band with feet shoulder-width apart. I grip each handle, then press straight up, rotating my palms while extending my arms. Then I lower back down slowly and do it again.”
Doing leg extensions, front squats and pull aparts with the resistant band can also be done in your room.
Small equipment like resistant bands, dumbbells, and ab wheels are perfect for dorms. They’re portable and easy to store. And they help with some of the exercises that target specific parts of your body.
You can also find a full detailed list of exercises you can do online.
To tone your legs and butts, squats are the go to exercise for most if not all. Some even take on the 100 squats for 30 days challenge and are amazed with their results. If you like a bit of a challenge, adding dumbbells to your routine increases results and resistance.
If you don’t have any workout equipment, try not to sweat it, because you don’t necessarily need any. Your body is a work out equipment itself. You can always find space to do jumping jacks, to help you improve the time it takes to recover intense workouts and elevate your metabolism for about an hour which some people are not aware of. Push-ups and crunches are another workout you can do in a small place. To take your push-ups to the next level try doing the Spiderman pushups where you bend your elbows out to the side and lift one foot off the floor, bending the knee to the side up to hip level.
“Most of the time when I’m in the gym, I’m doing drills with just my body anyway. So I find working out in my room a lot easier,” another student said.
Push-ups, squats, and crunches are only a few to thousands of workouts that you don’t need a machine or gym to do. You can do them in the comfort of your own dorm room.